How to protect your teeth during the summer month?

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How to protect your teeth during the summer month?

Summer is more about going out and enjoying the sun. You know summer is here with because of all the invites to the barbeques and picnics that no one can turn down. The point is, while we want you to bask in the sun and soak in fun, we also want you to take care of your teeth. Now, that is a very difficult with all the food, drinks, fun and frolic, but you definitely have to protect your teeth during the summer months.

Protect your teeth this summer

You are responsible for living a healthy life and there are no doubts about it. Your oral hygiene also should be counted as a part of healthy living. Here are a few pointers that can help you do so.

  • Hydrate yourself–First things first, you should keep yourself hydrated as this is the important thing to do during the summer months. Water can rinse the bacteria from your mouth, keeping you safe from tooth decay and other such ailments. Ideally speaking, water should be your main resource of hydration all through the year.


  • Keep sugary beverages under control–Summer is time for coolers and to tell you the truth, these mean more harm than fun. These contain less alcohol but are high in sugar as compared to any alcoholic drink. Not to mention, that this can be prove to be a killer.


  • Healthy snacks–Put your trust into healthy snacks likes dairy products (cheese and yogurt) as they contain casein that protects your teeth. You can opt for raw vegetables and fruits that need to be chewed that help with gum exercises while protecting your teeth. So, you see there is a healthy way of snacking during the summer.

Overall, use lip balms that are rich in SPF 15 or above depending on the hours you spend outside. It keeps your lips protected and they in turn guard your teeth. Plus, make it a habit to protect each and every part from the harsh UV rays of the sun during the summer months. Hope, we have explained you in details how can you protect your teeth effectively during this summer season.

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