Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal

It is really important to maintain oral hygiene and go for routine dental checkups so as to avoid your tooth from suffering from damage. An experienced dentist will always make sincere endeavours to save your infected tooth at all costs. Root canal is a simple treatment which you can undertake from an experienced dentist so as to save your natural teeth and avoid getting dental implants or bridges in times to come. The root canal therapy helps to avoid total tooth decay and saves you from agonizing pain. The dentists perform a tooth root canal in order to preserve and treat your decayed tooth and ultimately save you from the rigours of tooth extraction.

Dentistree, a leading visionary in dental services, offers the best and safest root canal treatment to save your tooth from further decay. Using top-of-the-line equipment and extensive expertise of our doctors, we offer the highest level of personal care and best quality of dental services. With an equitable emphasis on sterilization and disinfection, we help our patients experience the best dental care at affordable prices.

The term "root canal” refers to cleaning of the canals and removing the infected pulp from inside the tooth's root. The best root canal treatment in Kolkata has witnessed numerous advancements and technological automation and thus, the therapy is much swifter and perfect. Earlier, root canal therapy used to take many days but it is now possible to have it done within one day as it only takes couple of hours. The therapy also helps by protecting the other teeth from bearing unnecessary strain due to the forced use of only one side of the mouth.

The tooth consists of a soft tissue- the pulp, which ultimately provides nourishment to it. Because of some injury, or gum disease or deep decay, this pulp gets infected or inflamed. As the pulp is tightly encased within a hard tissue, the root canal dentist has to remove this tissue from within the canal, and properly cleanse the area. This canal is filled with a special material so as to prevent the harmful bacteria from re-entering the tooth. On completion of the teeth root canal treatment, the tooth is expected to have a life as the natural tooth. However, if this pulp inflammation is not treated in due course of time, it can lead to serious and complicated issues such as excruciating pain and swelling or in worse cases, the irreparable loss of the supporting bone.

The root canal treatment procedure is usually a simple one. The procedure involves the cleaning of the tooth canals, followed by the incorporation of the biocompatible plaster, so as to eliminate the discomfort and infection in the tooth. A standard drill is used by us to reach the area inside the tooth in order to remove the decay and expose the infected parts of the canals. The accurate size of the customized rubber cones are then inserted in the canals. A liquid sealant or resin, which is soft and light, is used to fill the empty space. It is placed inside the tooth but it hardens as bright light shines over it. After this, the tooth is covered with a customized dental crown placed on top.

Two Significant Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

  • Helps in removing the infection
  • Protects against the decontamination of the tooth and ensures that it does not get the infection again.

Dentistree is a reputed dental clinic in Kolkata offering outstanding services in the arena of dental care. A congenial and extremely hygienic environment is provided which will help to assuage all your fears and apprehensions regarding root canal therapy. All our certified and highly seasoned dentists have in-depth training in conducting root canal treatment with lot of finesse and care. We promise to proffer the best RCT to accomplish excellence with due emphasis on complete fumigation and total disinfection.

Our root canal treatment cost in Kolkata is highly reasonable, considering the impeccable dental services provided by our expert team of dentists. The therapy helps to safeguard your tooth from any further damage in addition to restoring your captivating smile back. You will get the best advice regarding all dental queries or root canal treatment cost at our clinic.

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