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Smile Enhancement

Smile treatment is a branch of cosmetic dentistry that deals with all the problems related to size, shape or color of the teeth to give you a complete smile makeover. We, at Dentistree, offer the perfect smile treatment in Kolkata that can aesthetically enhance your appearance by giving you a beautiful, natural looking smile. Also, undertaking a dental cosmetic surgery can help you look younger and rejuvenated.

We firmly believe that no two smiles are alike. Consequently, no two smile makeovers are alike. Every treatment plan includes precisely selected treatments that address the unique needs of our patient. Our skilled cosmetology dentists determine the best suited and minimally invasive procedures that will give stunning results.

We can help you improve some of the most significant aspects of your smile including:

  • Tooth Color Dark or discolored teeth are such a put off. On the other hand, a well-shaped smile consisting of pearly white teeth imparts a young and beautiful appearance. Keeping your skin tone and hair color in mind, our expert dentists select a specific shade for your teeth that will give you a white and bright smile and at the same time, preserve your natural tooth color.

    Your silver tooth fillings can be easily replaced with composite resin material that looks just like your natural tooth. Also, the process of teeth whitening can be done to remove dark stains and improve dulled teeth.
  • Alignment & Spacing Crooked teeth, unaligned teeth or teeth with gaps in between can be easily aligned and straightened with the help of orthodontics and further enhanced with dental veneers.
  • Missing Teeth Missing teeth can greatly impact an individual’s appearance and reduce his self-esteem. Also, it can have a negative impact on one’s oral health as it can cause serious gum diseases. Missing teeth can be easily replaced through dental implant surgery or by using partial dentures to enhance the smile.
  • Jagged Smile Cracked or uneven teeth can be treated cosmetically by bonding them with a composite dental material. Also, a gummy smile i.e. one that exposes a lot of gums, can be re-contoured to improve the complete look.
  • Fuller Lips and Cheeks An aging face can also be improved in appearance with the help of certain procedures that fall under the smile treatment category. This includes an oral maxillofacial operation, orthodontics or invisalign.
  • Tooth Length Lengthening of the teeth lends a young and attractive appearance. As you age, teeth may wear out and become shorter. Also, if you face the problem of a gummy smile, your teeth may appear to be even shorter. So, to overcome this, you can opt for a tooth lengthening procedure that includes the reshaping of your front two teeth with the help of veneers or composite bonding. You can also get your gum line amended through advanced laser dentistry procedures. All this will lead to well-formed teeth that will hugely enhance your facial appearance.
  • Tooth Proportion You can consult our cosmetic dentists to determine whether or not your teeth are in the accurate proportion with each other. This can be done by defining the width-to-length ratio of the two front teeth that largely guide the smile line. If they are not accurately balanced, you can get it done through our perfect smile dental surgery.
  • Tooth Texture and CharacterizationYour overall tooth texture and color can be enhanced to achieve the flawless smile through simple smile treatments.

Even people having a healthy oral hygiene and structurally strong teeth can be disgruntled with a few aspects of their smile. Teeth stains and discoloration, cracking or minor orthodontic concerns can negatively impact a person’s appearance and level of confidence. As a result, people find it difficult to smile or talk in public or even smile during photographs. Opportunely, recent dentistry offers the perfect solution for such problems in the form of a plan for smile treatment in Kolkata.

Dentistree is the best smile and care dental clinic in Kolkata that offers peerless smile treatment services. Leveraging the expertise of our seasoned surgeons in tandem with state-of-the art equipment and techniques, we strive to meet the precise expectations of our patients. We work closely with them to develop a comprehensive treatment plan for the smile makeover. After understanding the requirements of our patients, we prepare a plan that may include restorative procedures such as teeth whitening, implants, gummy smile reduction, orthodontics, etc.

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