Visited for Root Canal Treatment

Excellent experience. The clinic has all the latest instruments. The doctor after examining the condition of my tooth suggested either I can remove it or can do root canal treatment. I went for the 2nd one. Although it was very difficult to do root canal treatment for upper wisdom tooth, but Dr. Disha did it perfectly. She is a specialist in root canal treatment. I didn't had to take a single pain killer during the course of the treatment

Visited for Root Canal treatment

State of the art facilities. 10/10 to cleanliness. Very friendly doctor. Convinient location.

Visited for Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Excellent. Dr. Agarwal and Dr. Gupta are very dedicated dentist and they follow up with their patients post procedure. Wonderful state of the art facilities and warm and competent staff. Usually I dread dentists but this was all calm and my issues are mostly gone.

Visited for Dental Crown and Cosmetic Restoration

My experience with Dr. Disha Agarwal is an excellent. For a patient like me who is rather afraid of dentists with Dr. Disha it was easy to relax. I had extensive replacement and repair of worn fillngs and Dr. Disha has restored my teeth beautifully.. I am happy to have found this great dental clinic and i will recommend to my friends in or coming to Kolkata. Thank you Dr. Disha!

Visited for Root Canal Treatment, Dental Implant

Dr. Disha Agarwal is well experienced in dental treatment. Clarified every doubt while treatment. I am feeling very happy after Root canal treatment by Dr. Disha madam, i felt that i met the best doctor for best treatment. thank you

Visited for Scaling and Polishing

Excellent service. Very content both for myself and my kid. Got to know a lot about how to care about teeth and its importance.

Visited for Root Canal Treatment and Dental Crown

State of the art technology and machines. Felt in confident hands. Very hygienic environment. Treatment started on time.

Visited for Root Canal Treatment and Dental Crown

Truly a professional but extremely courteous to the patient. Very good experience as he even communicate explaining the pros/cons of treatment. Latest state of art technology & equipment in the clinic is the best. I would definitely recommend any of my friends and colleagues to visit this clinic for any dental issue. Once again thanks a ton for the perfect treatment.

Visited For Root Canal Treatment

I would recommend Dentistree to everyone as the doctors are experts in their work and take good care of their patients. I am extremely happy to have made a correct decision by coming here for my dental treatment. The ambience is brilliant and the support staff is extremely efficient and courteous. Everything about this place is spectacular.

Visited For Laser Gum Surgery

The team Dentistree treated me very efficiently. I am very happy with the treatment. The was painless and fear for dental treatment is no more.

Visited For Smile Design

The team Dentistree treated me very efficiently. I am very happy with the treatment .The doctor was very polite. Excellent ambience.