Teeth Replacement Surgery

Tooth Replacement

In simple words, this process can be explained as a procedure that someone would need if they have missing tooth or for those that need their dentures to sit comfortably. This usually involves surgery, but a more affordable way could be combining use of dentures and implants.

Dental care in Kolkata has never been taken seriously and this is why we at Dentistree decided to take things to another level. We want our people to know more about oral hygiene and care. This is why we have thought of advising our readers about the teeth replacement surgery in Kolkata in general.

Frankly speaking, this is what your dentist will decide for you. Whether you are the right candidate for tooth replacement or not, is something that they are in the best position to decide, of course only after conducting tests. This is required because only a doctor can decide as to what kind of replacement you would need. Now, that depends on the volume and density of your bones. Again, if your endodontist finds the gap between your teeth is wide enough or if your bones do not support the dental implants, then they seek help in bone regeneration. It totally varies from case to case and you need to wait on your doctor for this.

Benefits or the teeth replacement surgery

Talking about benefits; brings us to one point of discussion that of heightened self-esteem. This is true, because tooth replacement will make you look younger and attractive. It will bring out the perfect smile that millions yearn for and you will be able to wear it for long without having to bother about losing it.

  • Most importantly you feel the comfort
  • You can enjoy your meals as you will not feel the discomfort anymore
  • Not to forget, that this improves your oral health
  • These days dental implants are pretty convenients to use
  • These implants are durable
  • They are low on maintenance

care for the replacements

The best part is that tooth replacement does not need much of care. The real problem lies with their being strained and that is the only concern. Nonetheless, every problem has a solution and so does this. For example, if you have this habit of clenching your teeth (bruxism) then you may have to wear a night guard to keep it protected. Though, you have to pay timely visits to your doctor if you want to keep constant vigilance over them.

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