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About Dentistree Kolkata

Make your oral health, your priority. Visit DENTISTREE Dental Clinic in Kolkata if you need any help from the top dentists in town. We are focused to help you keep your tooth healthy. Whether you want to get a quick examination of the condition of your teeth or you need immediate treatment for your specific oral problem, we are ready to help you anytime.
Our dedicated team of proficient dentists in Kolkata work under one roof and run that extra mile to make sure that our every patient’s treatment plan is individually tailored and monitored. Our services range from general dental care and hygiene to specialized care such as cosmetic dentistry, tooth implants, and oral surgery.

The Top Dentists in Kolkata to Bring Smile Back on Your Face

Gone are the days when people with buck and discolored teeth had to live with a lifelong psychological complex. At DENTISTREE Dental Clinic in Kolkata, our purpose is to offer a complete range of dental service and hygiene treatment to bring the beautiful smile back on your face. Our team of top-rated dentists in Kolkata cater all your needs in oral care & hygiene treatment.
At DENTISTREE Dental Clinic in Kolkata, we focus more on our patient’s health and comfort. We offer both routine and cosmetic dentistry at the heart of town near Park Street, Palace Court in Kolkata. We have a devoted team of cosmetic dentists, dental hygienists, and private orthodontists to provide treatments in a clean and comfortable environment.

Top-rated Dental Clinic in Kolkata near Park Street

We are one of the pioneer dental clinics in Kolkata near Park Street, providing comprehensive dental diagnosis and treatment under one roof. We are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment including digital intra-oral dental imaging and record system to ensure the highest standards of the latest treatment and diagnostic techniques to the patients.
We use strict aseptic techniques in the clinic with instruments being sterilized by autoclaving and chemical sterilization. At DENTISTREE Dental Clinic, our purpose is to distinguish ourselves in the renowned names of the top dental clinic in Kolkata. We are focused and dedicated to providing comprehensive dentistry of the high-class quality with dignity to our patients.

Our Services

root canal treatment in kolkata

Root Canal Treatment

DENTISTREE offers the best root canal treatment in Kolkata to help you get the desired condition of your dental health.

dental implants in kolkata

Dental Implants

When requires, DENTISTREE manages and provides the most suitable dental implants in Kolkata.

cosmetic surgery in kolkata

Smile Makeover

Pertain a less-than-perfect dentition to a picture-perfect smile with our smile makeover program in Kolkata.